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Cellular GSM Mobile Auto Dialers

Have your alarm notify you that it is going off via a cellular wireless mobile phone auto alarm dialer! Don’t rely on others nearby to hear your security alarm and act. We have remote alarm cellular mobile phone dialers for locations without analog phone lines or without standard wired telephone service. The service will work with prepaid T-Mobile phones and standard cellular plans. Auto GSM mobile phone dialers or pagers allow remote wireless alarm monitoring. Our products in this category include: Auto Telephone Dialers, Voice Dialers, Automatic Phone Dialers, Emergency Dialers, Cell phone bluetooth gateway to landline adapter; please click on item image or name for more detailed information.

Cellular Mobile Link Adapter & GSM Phone Auto Dialers
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Cell Link Adapter - Cellular Bluetooth Wireless Gateway with Standard Telephone Line Input
Cellular Phone Based Monitoring System. Mobile cellular phone to land line phone adapter. Wired phone land line wiring to mobile cellular phone adapter. Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface.
Item No. 60-600
Sale: $119.99
2.   GSM cellular Auto Dialer, Dakota Alert CAD-05-Kit
Use this GSM Auto Dialer kit to protect your home or cottage without requiring a phone line! This simple and easy to install auto dialer will call up to 9 different phone numbers if a (Normally Open) alarm condition occurs. The alarm dialer also comes with a built in rechargeable backup battery so the system will continue to monitor even when the power is out.
Item No. 60-615
Sale: $419.99
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of automatic cellular and mobile phone dialers, in the meantime please check out these links…

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