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Unique Security Products, alarms, alerts, monitors, sensors

Some of our products include Child Safety Alarms (electronic child leash) or distance alerts, Drive way Alarms, Travel Alarms, including luggage, purse, notebook computer alarm device, door knob, portable, room and Personal Alarms & Personal Security Products for safety and security. We also have Water and Temperature sensors Heater Monitors / Freeze Alarms. For remote monitoring and control we offer automatic voice telephone dialers and pagers that automatically call you to a set alert or alarm condition. We can also direct you to burglar & fire alarm monitoring services. We can assist you with emergency medical alert devices and home security alerts such as garage door indicators, mail alert devices, and driveway security sensors and monitors that provide an alert. We also have customer or visitor entry alert devices and a section of our site devoted to safe security tips and ideas.

To view our Alert & Alarm Products, Please select from the categories below...

Alarm Dialers & Pagers
Auto Telephone Dialer, Automatic Phone
Dialer, Voice, Emergency, Sensaphone

Alarm Dialers - Cellular Mobile Phone
Cellular Mobile Phone alarm Dialer
Wireless Phone Automatic Alarm Dialer

Auto GSM Dialers, Cellular Mobile Adapters
GSM mobile phone auto dialers
Land line to cellular mobile phone adapter

Alarm Systems
Do It Yourself -
Skylink, Mace

Car Alarms

Child Safety Alarms
Electronic Child Leash, Guard, Angel Alert,
Kid Messenger, Distance Monitor, Pool

Covert Security Cameras
Hidden Security Cameras, Wireless, Spy,

Door Alarms
Open Door Alarm, Exit Door Alarm
Door Entrance Alarm, Garage Door Alarm

Driveway Alarms & Alerts
Wireless, Sensors, Systems, Chimes, Ringers,
Drive way Motion Monitors, Car

Entry Alerts, Chimes, Door bells
Visitor Entry Alerts, IR Invisible Beam Alerts,
Entrance Alert, Door Annunciator, Door Entry Chime

Fake Dummy Security Cameras
Simulated, Imitation, Decoy, Surveillance,
CCTV, Video

Garage Door Monitors / Mail arrival Alert
Wireless, Sensors, Open Indicators, Alarms,
Luggage Alarms
Briefcase, Purse, Proximity, Security

Medical Alarms

Motion Detector Alarms / Dialers

Notebook Computer Alarms

Personal Security Alarms
Attack, Device, Panic, Protection, Safety,
Personal Alert System

Portable Alarms
Room, Window, Motion, Security, Wireless,
Device, Door Stop, System, Car, Travel

Temperature Sensor Alarms
Freeze Alarm, Heater Monitor, Wireless,
Remote Home Alert, Freeze Alarms

Video Security

Water Sensor Alarms
Flood, Leaks, High Water Level, Basement

Weather Alarms / Radios

Window Alarms
Driveway Security
Wireless Driveway Alarm Info
Driveway Motion Sensors

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