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About Specialty Alarms & Security Products

Why Specialty Alarms
This site was developed by EZ CyberQuest, Inc. to fill a niche market to provide specialty and unique security alarm products.
The company owners determined the need as a result taking a family trip where they traveled through airports and in rental cars. They realized they were constantly worried about the safety of their luggage including a laptop computer, briefcase and after having once misplaced a purse. With all the important data & valuables in these items it would have been terrible to have experienced a theft or loss of them. At the hotel they were concerned about leaving items in the car at night, so they carried everything up. When they went to the breakfast buffet, they were concerned about leaving their valuables in the motel room without some kind of a personal room alarm. When they went to the beach or restaurant they couldn’t see their car in the parking lot and they wondered about the parking lot safety and security. They were concerned about their auto security. They saw many parking lot safety security signs saying something to the effect of “not responsible for theft of valuables from your car”. They went exploring in the city and walked into an area they didn’t feel too safe in and really had no way to summon for help; like a personal security alarm. Back at the airport they saw people not watching their luggage carefully, especially at the ticket counter or in the rest room. Airport laptop security for their notebook computer was a big concern. Also at the airport they needed a better way to keep track of their child because she kept wandering off. They thought that some type of proximity alarm would be great!
The need for some type of luggage, brief case, purse, room, door, child, notebook computer portable security travel alarm or device is what prompted the creation of this site and the search for specialty and unique alarm products to market.

History of Company
EZ CyberQuest has been doing business on the Internet since 2002 with the development of our first contractor search directory. Since then we have developed 5 other successful website businesses. For more company information, select the linked company name above.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to make your search on the internet EZ by finding what you are looking for with us! Our goal is to find / develop and offer specialty security products you will not easily find elsewhere. The Source for Specialty Alarm Security Products to solve your unique needs.
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