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Garage Door Status Monitors

Leaving your garage door open is an open invitation for theft! Have you gone out to your car in the morning to find your garage door was open all night? Don’t be a burglary statistic, install a wireless garage door sensor that will monitor your garage door and provide an open door indicator or alarm if the door is open. We have wireless garage door alarm sensors, open indicators, alarms and open door alerts. Our Garage Door Alarm products follow, please click on item image or name for more detailed information.

Garage Door Monitor Products
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Garage Door Monitor, Chamberlain, CLDM1
Be assured that the garage door is down with a door-mounted sensor for accurate assessment of the garage door's status and an easy-to-read monitor that can be placed anywhere in your house. The Chamberlain® Garage Door Monitor lets you know if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home. This product is the same is the Liftmaster model 915LM except it comes in white and is retail packaged.
Item No. 70-513
Sale: $36.99
2.   Garage Door Monitor Extra Sensor, Chamberlain, CLDM2
Garage Door Monitor Extra Sensor for Chamberlain CLDM1.
Item No. 70-511
3.   Household Garage Door Monitoring System, GM-318
Install this garage door sensor that alerts you to the status of your garage door with audio and visual indicators.
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Item No. 70-521
Sale: $35.99
4.   Garage Door Monitor Alert Sensor, GM-318T
Remembering to close your garage door can frequently be difficult, especially if your hands are full when you enter the house. But your home can still remain safe, thanks to the Household Garage Door Alert Sensor, which works by sending a wireless signal to the Household Alert Receiver (sold separately as 70-525).
Item No. 70-526
5.   Expandable Combination Set Wireless Household Alert System, HA-100
This expandable security kit provides both visual and audible indicators when its wireless sensors detect a breach.
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Item No. 70-520
Sale: $52.99
6.   Garage Door Monitor Wireless Kit, GM-434RTL
Install this garage door sensor and wireless receiver that alerts you to the status of your garage door with audio and visual indicators. Line of sight wireless transmission distance can be up to 800' line of sight.
Item No. 70-521L
Sale: $49.99
7.   Garage Door Autocloser
Have you ever left for work in the morning only to realize that you accidentally left the garage door open all night long? Restore your peace of mind with the Autocloser-GA, an automatic garage attendant that automatically closes your garage door when you inadvertently leave it open.
Item No. 70-512
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include garage door open alarms and indicators, in the meantime please check out these links…

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