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Door Alarms provide you a warning alert or door entrance alarm. We have door alarms for entry alerts and for home or room security, including door stop alarms, garage door open alarms. We also have door knob alarms that go off if someone touches the outside doorknob. Wireless door alarm systems make great alarms or entry visitor chimes. Our door alarms can also be used for hotel travel room door security alarms. Our products in this category follow, please click on item image or name for more detailed information.

Door Alarm Products
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Door Entrance Alert - Mace - Cabinet Door Alarm, M80201
A 95 db. alarm designed to detect unwanted entry. Automatically resets after 45 seconds. On/off switch allows for use only when necessary. Ideal for doors, cabinets and windows. Battery included.
Item No. 20-819
2.   Entry Beam Chime / Alarm - Invisible Beam Alert 671
Entry Chime sounds when invisible beam is crossed. Can be used for a door entry alert in retail establishments or as a continuous alarm to notify you of entry into a secure protected area.
Item No. 10-746
Sale: $40.99
3.   Sensor Guard Motion Alert, SGMA
Our Mini-Alert Motion Detector easily installs anywhere, without wires! This economical sensor has a 26-foot (8 meter) range, and can be used in two settings. The first setting alerts you with a ding-dong chime when activated; the second is an alarm mode with an 80dB siren.
Item No. 10-745AA
Sale: $21.99
4.   Door Guard Alarm, HP-98DG
The Door Guard Alarm is a very versatile shock sensor alarm. Ideal for home, office, hotel, or travel. This alarm requires no installation, simply hang it on any doorknob.
Item No. 10-742A
5.   Super Door Stop Alarm, SDS85
This door stop alarm sounds when door is opened. It is portable and great for travel use in motel rooms.
Item No. 10-744
Sale: $14.99
6.   Door/Window Alert Kit, WD-434RTL
Protect your home and family with a simple security system that monitors up to 4 entry ways to your home. The Long Range Door / Window Alert Kit is a magnetic contact sensor system that will monitor any door or window within your house, notifying you instantly via an audible alarm or alert and visual indicators if the entry is opened. Up to 800' line of sight wireless range.
Item No. 70-524L
Sale: $38.99
7.   Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm (qty 4), MMCA
This unit uses a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected door or window. A 90 dB alarm will then alert you to an attempted entry and scare off potential intruders
Item No. 10-748
Sale: $16.99
8.   Mini Window, Cabinet Door Alarm, WA28 / HS4310
Window opening alarm can also be used within the home to alert parents to children opening a gun or medicine cabinet or used to protect exterior doors, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors. Commercial uses include showcases and cash registers.
Item No. 10-734
Sale: $8.99
9.   Skylink Security System, Basic Kit, SC10
DIY Wireless Security System - Easy to install and ready to use, no programming is required. Rolling Code Technology - Leading edge technology, provides maximum security and reduces false alarm. Ideal for homes, apartments, convenience stores, gas station and condominiums.
Item No. 70-820
Sale: $99.99
10.   Skylink Security System, Deluxe Kit, SC100
DIY Wireless Security System - Easy to install and ready to use, no programming is required. Rolling Code Technology - Leading edge technology, provides maximum security and reduces false alarm. Ideal for homes, apartments, offices, businesses and condominiums.
Item No. 70-821
Sale: $139.99
11.   Garage Door Monitor, Chamberlain, CLDM1
Be assured that the garage door is down with a door-mounted sensor for accurate assessment of the garage door's status and an easy-to-read monitor that can be placed anywhere in your house. The Chamberlain® Garage Door Monitor lets you know if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home. This product is the same is the Liftmaster model 915LM except it comes in white and is retail packaged.
Item No. 70-513
Sale: $36.99
12.   Household Garage Door Monitoring System, GM-318
Install this garage door sensor that alerts you to the status of your garage door with audio and visual indicators.
Find additional Household Alert Sensors, Products and Accessories
Item No. 70-521
Sale: $35.99
13.   The HomeSafe Electronic Watch Dog, 639SR
Visitor Chime and Watch Dog Barking Alarm / Alarm with Remote Control.
Item No. 10-610
Sale: $99.95
All prices in US Dollars

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