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Water Alarms

Protect your house or basement from expensive water leaks or flooding. Get a water level sensor or basement flood alarm that can monitor for leaks, water liquid level, or high water for use with basement sump pumps. Our products in this category follow, please click on item image or name for more detailed information.

Water Level Sensor Alarm Products
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Water Alarm, The Basement WatchDog, BWD-HWA
Install in sump pits or near areas requiring water monitoring like hot water heaters, air conditioners, washers or sinks. Find Leaks Fast!
Item No. 00-101
Sale: $17.99
2.   Water Siren Plus - with alarm output, WS-04
The WaterSiren Plus is affordable solution to alerting you quickly of water leaks and it can close (or open) an alarm contact which can trigger an alarm system or a telephone dialer such as our Deluxe FreezeAlarm
Item No. 50-210
3.   Water Alarm Dialer, WA-700
When the WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700 senses water, it sounds an audible alarm and automatically calls out to a pre-programmed telephone number of your choice with a voice alarm message.
Item No. 50-400
Sale: $79.99
4.   Homesitter Freeze Alarm, Heat, Water, Power Outage Alarm and Auto Phone Dialer, HS-700
The Freeze Alarm HomeSitter Home Monitoring System will monitor for water leaks, temperature high or low alarm conditions and power outages! When any of the alarm conditions are detected the monitor will call up to three phone numbers to alert you to any alarm condition. There is also a built in audible alarm which will alert you locally to any alarm condition which occurring. The alarm and dialer will dial up to three phone numbers if the temperature falls below 45°F or rises above 85°F.
Item No. 50-201
Sale: $109.99
5.   WaterBug 350 Water Detection Sensor WB350
WaterBug model WB-350 has it's own 9 volt battery and chime. It is excellent as a stand-alone alarm to audibly alert you when it detects water. The WaterBug will notify you of leaks, water rising and drips before they become big floods.
Item No. 60-552
Sale: $109.99
6.   WaterBug WB1040 Additional Standard Surface Sensor
Additional Standard Surface Sensor may be placed on the floor to detect the first appearance of leaking water, or attached to your sump pipe to detect water rising.
Item No. 60-553
7.   WaterBug WB1041 Additional Under-Carpet Sensor
Additional Under-Carpet Sensor may be placed under carpet or raised flooring to detect the first appearance of leaking water.
Item No. 60-554
8.   Sensaphone auto alarm / alert Dialer Power and Temperature Alarm Environmental/Process monitoring & control, FGD400
The Sensaphone Dialer FGD400 monitors your house, cottage, cabin, computer rooms, equipment centers, offices, or any unattended facility to detect power failures, temperature extremes, intrusions, water incursion, sounds such as smoke and burglar alarms, and other conditions.
Find Sensaphone Accessories that work with Sensaphone dialers
Item No. 60-530
9.   Sensaphone auto alarm / alert Dialer Power and Temperature Alarm Environmental/Process monitoring & control, FGD800
Same as the FGD400 (#60-530) except with 8 sensor inputs and 8 phone number call out capability.

Find Sensaphone Accessories that work with Sensaphone dialers
Item No. 60-531
10.   Water Alert Kit, WA-434RTL
The Long Range Wireless Household Water Alert Kit is designed to detect water overflow, water leakage, or rising water. When water is detected, the included sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver (up to 800' line-of-sight distance), which alerts you with both visual and audible signals.
Item No. 70-523L
Sale: $38.99
11.   Emergency Voice / Pager Dialer, Skylink AD-105
Alarm Dialer Automatically Sends an Emergency Voice Message to: Pagers, Cellular Phones, Offices, Authorities, Relatives, Friends… Can be activated by RF accessories or via 'NC' inputs. When being used as a personal emergency system, it can be activated by remotes 70-807 (PT434) & 70-824 (HW434). Click here to find Additional Skylink Wireless Sensors, Products and Accessories
Item No. 70-800
Sale: $109.99
12.   Flood Water Sensor, Wireless, Skylink FS433E
Detects overflow / flood when placed along the basement wall, near water heater, washing machine and etc. Then wirelessly notifies Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD105) if water is detected.
Item No. 70-805
Sale: $19.99
13.   Water Level, Leak, Flood Sensor, USWLS
These quality, high performance security contacts are great for security or home automation sensors! The water level sensor can activate with the presence or absence of water, 'NC' and 'NO' outputs.
Item No. 80-519
14.   Water Sensor, Normally Open, WS-600
Water Sensor provides a dry contact closure which can trigger an alarm dialer.
Item No. 80-520
15.   Sensaphone Spot Water Detector, FGD0013
The FGD0013 Spot Water Detection Sensor is independently powered by internal lithium batteries. Multiple sensors can be wired in series to a single input.
Item No. 60-559
Sale: $89.95
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of water level or flood alarms for your remote or vacation cottage or home, in the meantime please check out these links…

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