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Window Alarms

Individual independent window security alarms don’t require an alarm system and provide easy do it yourself installation. Window alarm sensors can detect unauthorized window opening, window tampering, glass breakage, glass vibration. Detectors can be wireless or wired and most have a magnetic sensor that detects if a window has been opened resulting in an alarm. Check out our growing selection of window alarms; please click on item image or name for more detailed information.

Window & Glass Alarm Products
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Door Entrance Alert - Mace - Cabinet Door Alarm, M80201
A 95 db. alarm designed to detect unwanted entry. Automatically resets after 45 seconds. On/off switch allows for use only when necessary. Ideal for doors, cabinets and windows. Battery included.
Item No. 20-819
2.   Mace Window Alert - Glass Breakage Alarm, M80202
A 95 dB alarm designed to detect window tampering or breakage. Alert is designed for glass entry areas.
Item No. 20-810
Sale: $10.99
3.   Mini Magnetic Contact Alarm (qty 4), MMCA
This unit uses a magnetic sensor to detect the opening of a protected door or window. A 90 dB alarm will then alert you to an attempted entry and scare off potential intruders
Item No. 10-748
Sale: $16.99
4.   Mini Window, Cabinet Door Alarm, WA28 / HS4310
Window opening alarm can also be used within the home to alert parents to children opening a gun or medicine cabinet or used to protect exterior doors, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors. Commercial uses include showcases and cash registers.
Item No. 10-734
Sale: $8.99
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of window alarm systems, devices and gadgets; in the meantime please check out these links…

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