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Find SkyLink Wireless Household and Business Alert and Monitoring products and accessories here. Motion Alert, Entrance Alert, Water Alert, Door / Window Alert, Garage Door Monitor Alert. Individual Zone / Area Monitoring Alerts.

Household Alert Products
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Motion Alert Kit, HA-434RTL
This sensor and receiver kit is designed to monitor movement around your house, notifying you instantly if motion is detected via audible and visual indicators. The wireless kit can distinguish up to 4 sensors up to 800' line of sight.
Item No. 70-522L
Sale: $49.99
2.   Motion Sensor, Long Range, HA-434TL
You don't need to run wires or install an elaborate system in order to receive an immediate alert if motion is detected inside or near your home. The Household Indoor / Outdoor Motion Alert Sensor works by sending a wireless signal to the Household Alert Receiver.
Item No. 70-527LS
Sale: $26.99
3.   Door/Window Alert Kit, WD-434RTL
Protect your home and family with a simple security system that monitors up to 4 entry ways to your home. The Long Range Door / Window Alert Kit is a magnetic contact sensor system that will monitor any door or window within your house, notifying you instantly via an audible alarm or alert and visual indicators if the entry is opened. Up to 800' line of sight wireless range.
Item No. 70-524L
Sale: $38.99
4.   Door/Window Sensor, Long Range, WD-434TL
Item No. 70-524LS
5.   Garage Door Monitor Wireless Kit, GM-434RTL
Install this garage door sensor and wireless receiver that alerts you to the status of your garage door with audio and visual indicators. Line of sight wireless transmission distance can be up to 800' line of sight.
Item No. 70-521L
Sale: $49.99
6.   Garage Door Monitor Sensor, Long Range, GM-434TL
Item No. 70-521LS
7.   Water Alert Kit, WA-434RTL
The Long Range Wireless Household Water Alert Kit is designed to detect water overflow, water leakage, or rising water. When water is detected, the included sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver (up to 800' line-of-sight distance), which alerts you with both visual and audible signals.
Item No. 70-523L
Sale: $38.99
8.   Water Sensor, Long Range, WA-434TL
Item No. 70-523LS
9.   Voice Alert System 6 - Wireless Motion Sensor Monitor Alert
Would you like to be alerted when ...
Cars are coming up the driveway • Children go inside your tool shed • Intruders approach the front or backyard • Someone enters your garage • Visitors are walking to the front door • Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded • Kids or pets are trampling your flowers • Someone is in the pool
Item No. 30-211
Sale: $149.99
10.   Voice Alert System 6 Extra Sensor
Motion sensor for your voice Alert System 6 annunciator.
Item No. 30-212
Sale: $69.99
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of household alert / alarm products and devices, in the meantime please check out these links…

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