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Skylink Alerts, Sensors, Receivers

Find Skylink Wireless Alarm and Alert Sensors / Accessories that can be used with Skylink auto emergency alert dialers. Temperature, Panic, Pendant, Sound, Alarm, Vibration, Flood, Water, sensors.

Skylink Alarms, Dialers, Accesories
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Emergency Voice / Pager Dialer, Skylink AD-105
Alarm Dialer Automatically Sends an Emergency Voice Message to: Pagers, Cellular Phones, Offices, Authorities, Relatives, Friends… Can be activated by RF accessories or via 'NC' inputs. When being used as a personal emergency system, it can be activated by remotes 70-807 (PT434) & 70-824 (HW434). Click here to find Additional Skylink Wireless Sensors, Products and Accessories
Item No. 70-800
Sale: $109.99
2.   Panic Transmitter, Wireless, Skylink PT434
Remote emergency transmitter can activate dialers 70-800 (AD105) and 70-803 (MS2001).
Item No. 70-807
Sale: $19.99
3.   Wrist Watch Style Panic Remote, Wireless, Skylink HW434
Press once and activate the Emergency Dialers 70-800 (AD105) or 70-803 (MS2001) to call for help instantly.
Item No. 70-824
Sale: $19.99
4.   Keychain Remote Transmitter, Wireless, Skylink 4B434
Activate Emergency 2 way communication dialer 70-803 (MS2001).
Item No. 70-825
Sale: $23.99
5.   Skylink Security System, Deluxe Kit, SC100
DIY Wireless Security System - Easy to install and ready to use, no programming is required. Rolling Code Technology - Leading edge technology, provides maximum security and reduces false alarm. Ideal for homes, apartments, offices, businesses and condominiums.
Item No. 70-821
Sale: $139.99
6.   Flood Water Sensor, Wireless, Skylink FS433E
Detects overflow / flood when placed along the basement wall, near water heater, washing machine and etc. Then wirelessly notifies Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD105) if water is detected.
Item No. 70-805
Sale: $19.99
7.   Temperature Sensor, Wireless, Skylink TS101A
Monitors temperature of a specific area (i.e. greenhouse, storage room etc). Unit will sound and send a signal to the Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD105) when temperature goes above or below a preset temperature.
Item No. 70-822
Sale: $54.99
8.   Alarm Sensor, Noise activated, Wireless, Skylink AS433E
Detects conventional alarm sound from existing security system, it transmits a signal to Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD433S) which then activates the automatic calling system.
Item No. 70-801
Sale: $39.99
9.   Motion Sensor, Wireless, Skylink PS434A
Motion Sensor accessory works with SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System, SC-100 Wireless Alarm Deluxe Kit (70-821), SC-001 Control Panel, AD-105 Emergency Dialer (70-800), MS-2001 Personal Monitoring Station (70-803)
Item No. 70-806
Sale: $34.99
10.   Door / Window Contact Sensor, Skylink WT433
Works directly with Skylink Security Systems (SC-10, SC-100, SC-1000, SC-2000) and/or Skylink Emergency Dialers (AD-105) and/or Skylink Audio or Silent Alarms (AA-433 or SW-433)
Item No. 70-804
Sale: $24.99
11.   Audio Alarm, Skylink AA433
Can be directly triggered by any Skylink sensor.
Item No. 70-802
Sale: $59.99
12.   Silent Alarm, Light Flasher, Skylink SW433
Plug Silent Alarm (SW433) into any electrical outlet, plug a lamp into the Silent Alarm, when one of the Skylink sensors is activated, the lamp will flash on and off. Can be directly triggered by any Skylink sensor.
Item No. 70-808
Sale: $34.99
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of Skylink alarm and alert products and devices, in the meantime please check out these links…

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