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Skylink Alerts, Sensors, Receivers

Find Skylink Wireless Alarm and Alert Sensors / Accessories that can be used with Skylink auto emergency alert dialers. Temperature, Panic, Pendant, Sound, Alarm, Vibration, Flood, Water, sensors.

Skylink Alarms, Dialers, Accesories
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Emergency Voice / Pager Dialer, Skylink AD-105
Alarm Dialer Automatically Sends an Emergency Voice Message to: Pagers, Cellular Phones, Offices, Authorities, Relatives, Friends… Can be activated by RF accessories or via 'NC' inputs. When being used as a personal emergency system, it can be activated by remotes 70-807 (PT434) & 70-824 (HW434). Click here to find Additional Skylink Wireless Sensors, Products and Accessories
Item No. 70-800
Sale: $109.99
2.   Panic Transmitter, Wireless, Skylink PT434
Remote emergency transmitter can activate dialers 70-800 (AD105) and 70-803 (MS2001).
Item No. 70-807
Sale: $19.99
3.   Wrist Watch Style Panic Remote, Wireless, Skylink HW434
Press once and activate the Emergency Dialers 70-800 (AD105) or 70-803 (MS2001) to call for help instantly.
Item No. 70-824
Sale: $19.99
4.   Keychain Remote Transmitter, Wireless, Skylink 4B434
Activate Emergency 2 way communication dialer 70-803 (MS2001).
Item No. 70-825
Sale: $23.99
5.   Skylink Security System, Deluxe Kit, SC100
DIY Wireless Security System - Easy to install and ready to use, no programming is required. Rolling Code Technology - Leading edge technology, provides maximum security and reduces false alarm. Ideal for homes, apartments, offices, businesses and condominiums.
Item No. 70-821
Sale: $139.99
6.   Flood Water Sensor, Wireless, Skylink FS433E
Detects overflow / flood when placed along the basement wall, near water heater, washing machine and etc. Then wirelessly notifies Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD105) if water is detected.
Item No. 70-805
Sale: $19.99
7.   Temperature Sensor, Wireless, Skylink TS101A
Monitors temperature of a specific area (i.e. greenhouse, storage room etc). Unit will sound and send a signal to the Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD105) when temperature goes above or below a preset temperature.
Item No. 70-822
Sale: $54.99
8.   Alarm Sensor, Noise activated, Wireless, Skylink AS433E
Detects conventional alarm sound from existing security system, it transmits a signal to Emergency Dialer 70-800 (AD433S) which then activates the automatic calling system.
Item No. 70-801
Sale: $39.99
All prices in US Dollars

We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of Skylink alarm and alert products and devices, in the meantime please check out these links…

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