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Text Alert Remote Notification System
Text Alert
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TextAlert is an expansion of Cross Point Industries' Voice Alert line of security products. It brings Voice Alert technology to the next level using cell phone technology to transmit intrusion warnings to interested parties via their cell phones. TextAlert can work in conjunction with a standard Voice Alert system or independently. The system is easy to set up and provides a cost effective solution to remote monitoring applications.

Be Several Places At One Time
TextAlert announces an intrusion by sending a customized text message for up to 16 zones it wirelessly monitors. This silent betrayal means that the intruder has no idea that his every move is being reported. A burglar who believes he's undetected is easier to apprehend. With instant, intruder information in your hands you have the ability to have better control of a situation.

How TextAlert Works
Voice Alert sensor/transmitters detect an intruder and transmit a wireless coded radio signal. When TextAlert receives the signal, it identifies the specific zone and sends the right zone warning via text message to selected recipients - for example: "Intruder in garage, 3 Central Drive, Smith family, please assist"

Easy Setup Via Software Or Cell Phone
TextAlert comes with setup CD software to install on your computer and a USB cable to link TextAlert to your computer for setup (after setup you unplug TextAlert and use it anywhere you choose).

Message Content
TextAlert's primary function is to send SMS/Text messages. From the message example given above, you will appreciate that providing enough specific of information in the message is important. Recipients of this message need to understand the urgency and nature of the problem, the location and your desired response from them.

16 Monitored Zones
TextAlert monitors up to 16 zones. Each zone can have its own warning message that you type into the message input area in the setup software.

In the setup software's main Administrative screen, you can input and name up to 16 potential text message recipients. These names are then immediately duplicated into every one of the 16 zone setup tabs. You can have certain zones notify only certain recipients and allow them to turn specific zones on or off - all you do is check the box alongside the name in those zones.

More Than Just Text messages
SMS/Text messages can be held up if the networks are busy - but phone calls go straight through. TextAlert can dial a specific recipient and cause their cell phone to ring for 30 seconds or until answered. A recipient can save the TextAlert's SIM card number into their contacts list so when an incoming call starts to ring from that number, they know there is trouble at the location - and the SMS that follows will provide the details.

This 'call' feature allows you to designate your armed response company's monitoring computer's modem as the call recipient and provide a warning message and client details on the computer monitor of the operator.

Eliminating False Alarms With Dual & 'Double-Knock' Sensors
Voice Alert sensors are excellent at always identifying genuine intruders while eliminating the potential for false alarms - but to add to this system's reliability you can manage each zone independently. You can set some zones to require at least two sensors to trigger within a period of time (i.e. sensors set a distance apart in the length of a driveway) or you can set a single sensor that must be activated several times within a time period before a message is sent. (i.e. a single sensor inside of an office/computer room)

* Commercial buildings, power plants and cell towers, protection against copper theft or vandalism
* Wirelessly protect boundaries on golf courses and gated communities
* Construction sites; TextAlert is better than any security guard in that it can be several places at one time and will never sleep on the job
* Vacation homes to confirm when a regular alarm is validly triggering or false alarming
* Farms and ranches to monitor livestock, equipment, assets, farm road and boundary fences
* Yachts, stables and other valuable assets can easily be protected with TextAlert.

Part of the Family
TextAlert is part of the larger Voice Alert "family" of products. When you invest in Voice Alert you are able to address your security needs for today with a minimum investment, and then expand the system as your needs change.

See manufacturers website for more information including data sheets:

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Price: $619.95 Reg.   $589.95 SALE


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