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TeleSpy Intrusion Notification System

$128.99 Reg.
$79.99 SALE

The TeleSpy is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone. The TeleSpy is an ordinary telephone, until you decide to use it as a monitoring system.
Simply enter any telephone number you choose (cellphones work great) and turn the motion sensor switch "on". That's it, you're done. Once "on", the TeleSpy provides 24/7 active monitoring and is free to operate.
Should an intruder be detected, the TeleSpy instantly calls you at the number you dialed in. Upon answering that call, you are able to "listen in" to the sounds in that space via the amplified microphone. The listening period is about 30 seconds, then the TeleSpy disconnects and instantly re-arms to detect again and again. The TeleSpy allows you to decide, from a safe location, "Friend or Foe."
The Telespy operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely portable.

The TeleSpy's telephone is a variation of a phone that our manufacturer has produced for years in large quantities. The popularity of this "Slimline" telephone is a testament to its stylish design and simple function. Operation is no different than the regularly produced version and the user would notice no difference. The TeleSpy plus into any standard telephone jack for normal phone operation.
By adding our patent-pending circuitry, the manufacturer modifies the interior electronics while leaving the exterior virtually unchanged. The TeleSpy circuitry requires an AC adapter (provided) to be plugged into any standard 110V wall outlet. The absence of this power adapter would render the TeleSpy circuitry useless, but would not affect the telephone's normal operation.
Intentionally, this phone has an ordinary appearance thus making the TeleSpy less obtrusive and more effective.
The connection of the TeleSpy to your existing phone line has no adverse effect. It is no different than adding another ordinary phone.

The TeleSpy's motion sensor is PIR or Passive Infrared Technology. The passive infrared sensor detects changes in the room's heat signature due to occupant motion. The range is in excess of 30 feet at which point the width is about 20 feet, creating about a 45 degree wedge beyond the sensor origin.

The hidden condenser microphone is strategically placed for maximum efficiency. It is amplified to insure that the slightest of sounds are heard, producing a high quality listening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about my pets?
Pets and motion sensors can live together. If you use the motion sensor with the pet in close proximity it probably will set off the sensor. Use the test light on TeleSpy to discover for yourself the sensitivity of your pet(s), then devise a strategy which allows the TeleSpy to function without pet interference; you may find that pointing it in a specific direction or slightly raising the unit solves the problem.

How does the Self Test function help me?
The test switch on the TeleSpy powers the green LED light near it. It tells the operator instantly when the motion sensor detects something (light comes on). Teh light stays during a timed period (the listening period) then the phone would disconnect (light off), now, light is off and TeleSpy is instantly re-armed for the next detection. Knowing how to use this function allows the operator to discover the exact perameter and sensitivity of the motion sensor within their personal environment. Operational tip: Unplug the phone line. Now the TeleSpy will show LED light "on" for detection and light "off" for disconnect and reset without calling. Always remember that the first time you turn the TeleSpy power "on" it takes 60 seconds to arm but the LED will turn off at 30 seconds. You must wait 30 seconds after the light has gone off before the TeleSpy is armed (only the first time.) Thereafter, when the light goes off, the TeleSpy is instantly armed.

What if I hear a burglary?
First, be grateful you're not there. Thankfully you are listening from a remote location. Never attempt to apprehend criminals. This could be very dangerous! If professional assistance is required, call 911 and explain clearly "I am the property owner/manager and I have a security system that called me and I am able to listen to sounds at that location. Presently someone is burglarizing that space. This is a verified alarm." Now, provide the authorities with as much detailed information as you can to assist them in their task.

How do I know my best use of my TeleSpy?
Simple, think like an intruder. If an intruder entered, where would he come from (34% come through the front door), where would he go? What's he want? Predicting this movement should dictate the TeleSpy's position in the room. First place TeleSpy in the best place, lastly run the cords. Use extension cords if necessary.

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