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Water Alarm Dialer, WA-700
$89.99 Reg.
$79.99 SALE

Water leaks can happen while you’re at work, on vacation or even out mowing the lawn. Don’t let water ruin your home or business… install the affordable WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700 and be alerted with a siren and a phone call to your cell phone, a neighbor, relative or friend.

Water is one of the most common and expensive causes of damage to homes, cabins and businesses. Sump overflows, leaking pipes or broken washing machine hoses can cause thousands of dollars in damage. One way to eliminate this worry is with the WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700! When the WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700 senses water, it sounds an audible alarm and automatically calls out to a pre-programmed telephone number of your choice with a voice alarm message. You can feel secure knowing you will be warned before your home or business suffers expensive water damage.

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Use the WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700 Everywhere!

* Basement – monitor sump pump operation and leaking hot water heaters.
* Bathrooms – monitor for leaking toilets or broken hoses and pipes from baths, showers, sinks and toilets.
* Kitchen – monitor ice makers, dishwashers and sinks.
* Washing Machine – monitor if hoses break or drains overflow.
* Air Conditioning Condensate Pans – monitor if the pan has overflowed or if drain is plugged.

The WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700 features:
* Automatically dials any telephone number when water is detected
* Continues to call until the alarm is acknowledged – calls every 15 minutes or every 2 hours (user selectable)
* Sounds a 40 decibel local alarm when water is detected
* Water sensor is on a 36” (.9m) long wire which can be easily extended up to 1,000’ (305m)
* Add more sensors (WS-600, item 80-520) and monitor additional areas of your home or business
* Operates during a power failure* (uses 2 AA batteries for back-up power – not included)
* Calls out to warn if the backup batteries are low and need replacing
* Uses existing telephone line, DSL or VOIP phone connections*
* Works flawlessly with answering machines or voice mail systems
* Installs in minutes
* No monitoring fees!

Product Instructions

* The WaterAlarm Dialer WA-700 will continue to dial to the pre-programmed telephone number if the phone service remains active during a power failure. Some digital VOIP, cable phone systems and DSL phone services do not operate during power failures. Check with your phone service provider for questions about how your phone service operates during a power failure.

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Item Number: 50-400

Price: $89.99 Reg.   $79.99 SALE


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