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Cell Link Adapter - Cellular Bluetooth Wireless Gateway with Standard Telephone Line Input
$129.99 Reg.
$119.99 SALE

The Cell Link Adapter (XLink) lets you use prepaid cell phones or add a cellular phone to your regular cell plan and make or receive calls to your monitoring system. There are no additional monthly charges, except for the added charge for an additional Bluetooth enabled cell phone that will be dedicated to the Cell Link Adapter (XLink) at your remote location. You can even use the Cell Link Adapter (XLink) to give you regular ”dial-tone” service throughout a home via your existing telephone jacks!

The XLink allows your land line auto dialer equipment to dial and receive calls using any cell phone with Bluetooth technology. For example, suppose land-line telephone service is unavailable at your auto dialers location. By using the XLink you can provide telephone service to your auto alarm dialer simply by locating a cell phone next to the device. The XLink will send all incoming calls to any land line equipment hooked-up to it and when the equipment needs to dial out the call will be seamlessy completed through the cell phone. The XLink is simply a wireless (Bluetooth) link between your monitoring equipment and a cellular mobile phone. Perfect for access where a land line simply isn't available.

How does it work?
1. Purchase a new mobile phone (or add a phone to your existing mobile phone plan). This phone needs to have wireless Bluetooth capability.
2. This mobile phone will remain at the location where you want to use your autodialer monitoring equipment. You will leave it plugged into the power charger all the time, so it keeps the mobile phone battery charged.
3. When an alarm condition occurs, the auto dialing equipment will begin to dial out to your programmed telephone numbers just like it would if you had a regular telephone line.
4. The XLink Cell Link Adapter system will convert that call into a mobile phone call and make the call out through the Bluetooth mobile phone that is sitting next to the XLink Cell Link Adapter.
5. If you need to call into your alarm system to check the status, you simply call the mobile phone number of the phone sitting next to your XLink Cell Link Adapter. The XLink Cell Link Adapterwill allow the call to your remote mobile phone go through to the auto answering feature of your monitoring equipment.
6. The addition of an Battery Backup UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply (generally used for computers) is recommended as the XLink Cell Link Adapter unit does not have its own backup power supply.

NOTE: You will need a seperate Bluetooth enabled mobile phone that will work with the XLink Cell Link Adapter System. You can add a wireless Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to your existing mobile phone plan or use a “pay as you go” phone. The phone must be Bluetooth enabled to communicate wirelessly with the XLink Cell Link Adapter system.

The XLink Cell Link Adapter system WILL NOT WORK with the Basic FreezeAlarm (item 50-200, FA-B-CCA), WaterAlarm Plus (item 50-211, WA-5001) or MiniAlarm Plus (item 50-213, MA-5000) products. Also it MAY NOT WORK with items: 30-400 (TeleSpy), 30-300 (HA-SYSTEM), 30-501 (AUTODIALER), and item 10-739 (MA80).

Instruction Manual

Quick Start Guide


  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • Bluetooth Hands-free profile
  • Frequency 2.4Ghz


Frequency 2.4Ghz
Operating Temperature 32'F to 104'F
Size 4.5" x 1.8" x 4.4"

Order Information

Item Number: 60-600

Price: $129.99 Reg.   $119.99 SALE


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