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Water Level, Leak, Flood Sensor, USWLS

  • The water level sensor can activate with the presence or absence of water.
  • It detects water leaks before becoming a major problem.
  • Detects low water condition in fish tanks.
  • Easy integration with Automatic Voice Dialers...just attach the red and black wires!
  • NO/NC Capability.

WLS Operating/Installation Instructions
1. Mount the sensor (WLS) where it will be desired, i.e., on the floor or the wall at the height where the water notification is desired.

2. Connect the wires to the alarm output:

Black wire to the positive or normally open connection.
Red wire to the negative or common connection.

3. The sensor is now ready to detect flooding, when the water reaches the level of two terminals, the alarm will activate.

4. How to connect for a dry contact:

Normally Open application -

Black wire to Normally Open contact (N/O)
Red wire to Common contact

Normally Closed application -

Black wire to Common contact
Red wire to Normally Closed contact (N/C)


Dimensions 2.5" L x 0.5" W x 0.5" D
Lead Length 24" long

Order Information

Item Number: 80-519

Price: $19.99


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